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Congratulations to our students and their families for a wonderful final year at
University United Methodist Nursery School.  As of May 2017, we are permanently
closing our doors after 51 years of helping hundreds of students develop
intellectually, mentally, socially, physically and spiritually.  It has been a great
blessing for our church and everyone associated with the Nursery School  to have
the opportunity to work with these young minds and witness their growth and
enlightenment during their time at our preschool.   A heartfelt thank you to all the
families who shared their most precious gift - their children - with us over half a
century of providing an atmosphere where children were happy to come to
school, eager to learn and eagerly awaited by the staff.
A very special thank you to Director/Lead Teacher PAM HANSON for her 24 years
of dedication and expertise to UUMNS,
and to Teaching Assistant Cyndi Westerdale for the 8 years in which she was an
invaluable part of the staff and the students'/families' lives.